Prevent Your Phone From Being Damaged

Prevent Your Phone From Being Damaged

We’re a phone and computer repair company. We understand that devices crack sometimes. And if you’re not good with phones, they can crack a lot. So to all those people who keep breaking their phone screen, this guide is for you.

1. Buy a case. Human beings for centuries have protected what they love. We wear shoes to protect our feet; hats for our head; gloves for our hands. Our phones are no different. I understand your phone looks good without a case as most iPhones and Samsungs today look like works of art. However, phones can cost up to $1,000 nowadays. If I could spend $30 over $200, everyone would take that deal. Plus, phones are getting any sturdier. Some people have already inquired about a repair on an iPhone 11 a few weeks after it was released. Get a case if you’re known to drop your phone at least a few times a week.

2. Get a good case. You want to get a case that will actually protect your phone. Yes, that means thin cases are off the ballot here. A case I recommend are ‘Otterbox’ Type cases. They’re three layer cases that protect your phone from harsh drops. These cases are great for someone who needs to keep their phone protected all the way around. However, these cases are known to be kind of bulky, but it’s worth it if it means not cracking your phone anymore. Lucky for you, we carry these types of cases at all of our locations in Atlanta, so make sure you pick one up for yourself or that family member/friends that always drops their phone.

3. Keep your phone tucked away. Most people drop their phone when it’s in their hand when it shouldn’t be. Tucking your phone in your pocket or bag is the best way to make sure you don’t drop your phone as least as possible. One of the most common ways we’ve heard people drop their phone is when they have their phone in their lap or hand when they get out of the car. When you carry around something that you’re not using and focusing on something else, there is a higher chance of you losing grip on it and dropping it. Something as valuable as your phone should not be held like it’s a cheap toy. Put your phone up when you’re walking around the story or just anything in general. When you don’t need your phone right away, put it in your bag or pocket. Keep it safe.

4. Get a tempered glass. If you don’t want to wear a case on your phone. Go ahead, but the bare minimum is having an tempered glass. Having a tempered glass to protect your front screen is the simplest thing you can do. We carry all types of Tempered Glass at Tapeworm, including the clear and privacy.

5. Protection at it’s finest. If you’re looking for a product that will protect your phone good, but doesn’t have that bulky feel? Enter, ClearPlex Protection Pro. Our ClearPlex screen protector is a strong clear screen protector that protects your phone from the worst drops. The protector is plastic, but the same technology has actually also been used by NASA in space. It’s super smooth glass, but flexible for curved surfaces. Another awesome thing about ClearPlex is that it can protect the back of your phone too. It comes in numerous designs and patterns to protect your phone all around. Some patterns it comes in are carbon fiber, alligator skin, matte, and a lot more. Visit our website to view all of the designs and colors available. I’m currently using ClearPlex on my phone and it’s been a great experience. I have a clear protector on the front of my phone with a brown alligator skin texture on the back. I’ve dropped my phone numerous times and my phone hasn’t cracked. I definitely recommend getting ClearPlex for your3 phone if you want to feel protected without losing the sleekness of your phone.

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