Customer Stories

Customer Stories

– Our College Park store is located conviently right across from the collge park Marta Station. Once a customer had a cracked phone and needed their phone fixed. As soon as they got off the plane, they searched for a cellphone repair store nearby. Our College Park store was listed and they proceeded to have a successful phone repair experience within a few hours of arriving in Atlanta, Ga.

– What the worst thing that has happened to your phone? Has it ever been ran over? Well, there once was a customer who left their phone on top of the car. As they drove off, the phone… well you know the rest. The screen was absolutely demolished. It was cracked so bad, the screen was almost completely white due to the small shattered shards of glass. It didn’t look recoverable on the surface, but after a few diagnostic tests we discovered the phone was still showing some powerlm and likely fixable. We ordered a new screen to replace the severely damaged one on the phone. Our tech worked proficiently through the sharp glass and tattered screen to successfully replace the front screen. When the repair was over, the customer was able to see their screen again and use it like it hadn’t fell off the roof of a car at all.

– One of our customers tolds us that they dropped their phone dancing. They were partying with their family. They pulled out their phone, but the phone wouldn’t come out of their jacket pocket, because of the way the phone was angled. They pulled on it harder until the phone sprang out of their pocket and unfortunately their hand tool. They brought it to us the next day and we repaired it the same day within 30 minutes.

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