Repair Warranty


Tapeworm phone and computer is pleased to announce a limited lifetime warranty to our customers for all repairs. Any customer that visit any of our locations will receive a trusted repair by technician they can depend upon. The limited lifetime warranty.
Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions as we fix all Apple, Samsung, LGs and Motorola as well as all computers from Apples to workstation Zs.

Apple iPhone

All iPhone repairs include glass and new LCD. We offer a lifetime warranty on the copy iPhone screen and as well as the OEM screen. We will replace LCD and screen at no charge for touch issues, discoloration, pixelation, and freezing issues (as long as glass is not chipped or cracked) warranty is available. 
We do not use original Apple parts when replacing screens, or batteries.  And your warranty can be voided by by using Techworm service.


We fix ALL Android devices as long as parts are available. We have to source parts from different locations and warranty from vendor will be fully given on each repair. There are thousands of models of Androids, please ask for your warranty at the time of purchase. 

Laptops and Computer Work

We fix laptops for screen repair, which requires replacing the LCD screen. We fix charge report issues, soldering and microsoldering. We also fix board damage, which may require replacing parts. We give a product warranty if a part is being replaced. We give a lifetime warranty for services such as soldering or microsoldering. A limited lifetime warranty on all gaming repairs except when water is indicated as part of the damage. Please see Water Damage for additional information. 

Water Damage

We are very successful at stopping or slowing down water damage as soon as possible and prior to connecting to electricity. While we are very successful at saving phones, computers and tablets, we do not offer a warranty on any water damaged items.